10 Incredible Food Facts You Would Like to Know

Every day, we are scrolling on the net to find new healthy recipes and pay attention to good nutrition. Avoid eating unhealthy food with too much sugar can help us to be healthy. But, there are some incredible food facts that can change our opinion about food and the way of eating in one minute. 

In the following, you will have a chance to read about incredible food facts. For example, why eating chocolate is as healthy as fruit, how to fight depression by eating fruits and other interesting facts. Read on about incredible food facts you would like to know. Enjoy reading!

Eating chocolate is as healthy as fruit

I have no idea that eating chocolate is as healthy as fruit. My parents always told me that eating chocolate can be bad for my teeth. But, imagine, I recently find out that eating chocolate is healthier than eating one orange. One orange contains 7,8,g much sugar than the chocolate. Chocolate can be healthy due to its high cocoa. Eating chocolate could lower cholesterol levels and prevent memory decline. A science says that just smelling chocolate is good for your health.

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Eating bananas can help you to fight depression

People who suffer from depression should eat bananas and improve their mental health. Banana contains a vitamin B 6 that reduce depressive symptoms. This fruit function as a natural antidepressant for our body. After learning that bananas have a lot of benefits for our body and mind, I will eat it every day.

bananas food facts

If you store tomatoes in the fridge they lose the flavour

This unbelievable but true fact tells us that cold temperatures are not good for vegetables. They lose their flavour. Next time, eat them fresh in a salad before adding in the fridge.


Blueberries protect against memory loss

Blueberries are expensive fruit good for our haemoglobin levels in the blood. Also, good to protect us against memory loss.



Coffee is the best antioxidant

Nowadays, we can read a lot of bad things about coffee. For example, drinking too much coffee in one day can cause heart attack, etc. But, there are also benefits of drinking coffee, it is the best antioxidant. It also prevents heart disease but we shouldn’t drink more than two coffee cups in one day.



Poor nutrition can cause brain damage

Eating candies and poor diet instead of healthy food leads to brain damage. Usually, obese people try to lose weight with poor nutrition without knowing this bad habit can be bad for its brain.

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Egg yolks are healthier than the whites

Do you know that egg yolks have more nutrients than the whites? If we try to compare the egg whites and yolks, we can conclude this fact. The egg yolk contains more iron and folate than the white.

eggs food facts

Cucumbers contain 96% water

Here is the most interesting fact about cucumber and the way you eat it. You actually drink water because cucumbers are 96% water. Imagine this!


Lemon cures cancer

Eating lemon can prevent diseases. Is not proved that kills cancer cells. But, is important to know that it is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.


Apple skin has the most vitamins

We should eat apple with skin cause the vitamins are there. Interesting fact you probably don’t know.