Artistic Veggie and Fruit Salad Decoration You Must See

Hi dear people. This is an article about healthy food, veggies, and fruit salad decoration. Eating a lot of fruits and veggies can help us to protect from disease. We need these vitamins in an everyday diet to be a healthy person. Adults and kids should have a habit of eating healthy food. But, sometimes, is hard to force kids to eat fruit and veggies. If you are a parent, probably this situation happens to you very often. There is just one and the only way to force your kids to eat fruits and fresh veggies. Prepare fruit salad decoration for them. This means that you must use your creativity and to make an interesting salad for them. By doing this salad they will start eating fruit and veggies every day and will be asking for more.

In the images below, we present to you the best and the most creative vegetable and fruit salad decoration you have ever seen. What follows next is artistic veggie and fruit salad decoration you must see. Enjoy in the images that I prepared just for you!

1. Sheep Fruit Salad

Here is the fruit you need for this sheep fruit salad:

  • one banana
  • black grapes
  • green grapes
  • one mini marshmallow
  • one raisin

See here the full recipe about how to make this sheep fruit salad.

Sheep fruit salade
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2. Peacock Fruit Salad

Here is the fruit you need for making this peacock fruit salad:

  • kiwi
  • strawberry
  • pineapple
  • apple
  • mango

Check the full recipe for making this fruit salad decoration.

Peacock Fruit Salad
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3. Veggie Owl Salad

This is a creative owl veggie platter. Here is what you need for preparation:

  • carrot
  • cucumber
  • cherry or tomatoes
  • yellow bell pepper
  • green bell pepper
  • mini bowls for eyes

Read the full recipe and the steps here.

Owl Veggie Salad
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4. Pear Mouse Salad

This vegetable salad named pear mouse salad will make your kids the happiest kids in the world. Here is what you need for preparation:

  • 3 pears
  • blueberries
  • pomegranate seeds
  • crumbled cheese
  • nuts, olive oil
  • lemon juice

Check out the full recipe and wait one minute still see an empty plate!

Pear Mouse Salad
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5. Banana Fruit Salad With an Amusin Touch of Imagination

Banana is favorite fruit to all of us. It provides a lot of vitamins and minerals. All you need for making this mouth-watering salad is:

  • one banana
  • kiwi
  • 2 peanuts

Make this easy salad for your children and show your love for them!

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6. Carrot and Broccoli Salad

The combination of carrot and broccoli gives you a plate full of vitamins. If your children have no wish for eating veggies, here is an interesting way to change this. Prepare this salad for them!

This is the last idea of today recipes about veggies and fruits salad decoration. I hope that these ideas sound great to you and you will try to make it in your home. Feel free to comment on this article and to express your opinion. Thanks for reading!

Carrot salad
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