BOOM Outdoor Catering Ideas for Wedding

Hello friends, how are you? Have you started the first day of the week great? Are you in a plan to get married soon? Well, wait and be prepared for the big day with our BOOM outdoor catering ideas for the wedding. We will give you the answer to all questions CIRCLING IN YOUR HEAD! Actually, we will keep on the tall tables, perfect for catering and making your wedding day a day to REMEMBER! 

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Pink themed tall tables – outdoor catering

Your catering color can be light pink and you can copy this idea for your yard where you can receive your guests. Have a look in the very first photo from the post and find an idea for your wedding.

outdoor catering
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Bring the best decor for your cocktail tables

In the next photo, we have again cocktail tables decor with the same color. Let’s have a look in the photo that follows and is the second photo from the post.

dining table
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Keep the white color for your wedding and decorate the cocktail table in the white

In the third photo, we have white cocktail table that will be in the focus of guests attending. the white color is symbol for the wedding and for young couples so if your wedding dress is white, choose the wedding decor to be in white also. Take a view in the photo that follows now.

white decor for cocktail table
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Green and pink decor for the cocktail tables in your yard

If you want to break the monotony and add some fresh colors, let these colors to be green and pink and make the decor complete. Your wedding can start now when you have taken for your design! Take an example in the photo that follows now!

green and pink wedding decor
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Outdoor catering for your wedding!

Black and white table linens for the cocktail tables top. This will be the last photo from the post so I hope you enjoyed and found some idea for your own wedding. With this photo, we will finish this post that I hope was informative and interesting for you.

black and white table linens outdoor catering
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Thank you a lot for your time and attention you gave to us and be our follower in the future when we will be back with new catering ideas!