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Fun Food Facts to Blow Your Mind

Posted by on Aug 5, 2018 in Food Facts
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There are a lot of things e don’ know about the food but we still consume it every day. In the following, I will present to you some important facts about food and drinks. Some of it is positive but also there are drawbacks. However, even knowing the drawbacks and consequences of eating our favorite food, we still eat it. Read the full text to find out fun facts about the food! See these fun food facts to blow your mind! (more…)

Learn How to Make a Natural Makeup By Using Food

Posted by on Jul 30, 2018 in Food Facts, Food Ideas
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Learn how to make a natural makeup by using food, by reading this article. Be beautiful and smell nice by using food as a makeup. If you turned over with a container of carmine, lipstick, face mask, blush, bronzer or powder, use food. So, be smart and make yourself a lipstick by using blackberries or cherries. Use egg white to make a face mask and cacao to make light bronzer. Read the full text to see more ideas about how you can use food for making natural makeup. (more…)