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Delicious Crock Pot Beef Stew Recipe

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Our body is the home we have and we must take care of it and be healthy. To be healthy we should pay attention to what we eat and prepare delicious and healthy recipes for lunch and dinner. One healthy idea for this post is delicious crock pot beef stew recipe that you shouldn’t miss. I’m sure that after reading the benefits you have of eating beef stew you will prepare it almost every weekend for lunch time.  (more…)

We Love These Tasty French Dessert Recipes

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Our last post was about tasty lunch recipes and we all know that after lunch follows a dessert. We are to the end of the week so we have a weekend for preparing the best food. For that reason, we found a tasty French dessert recipe that you will wish to eat after lunch. Imagine that you are seating in some cool French cafe while you are eating the traditional and favourite dessert! (more…)

Tasty Lunch Recipes Prepared in Easy Way

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Lunchtime is the time when all family is gathered together eating one tasty recipe and everyone is telling about how passed the day. Today, you maybe want to check our lunch suggestions, tasty lunch recipes prepared in an easy way. Also, check about low-cost dinner recipes for gathering the whole family and eating the best dinner.

We enjoy spending time in a good company, good food, a quality glass of red wine and a beautiful table setting. Days like this should last longer until we are enjoying a favourite food. Lunch is served, what’s in the plate? Check the images and find out what recipes we offer you on today’s menu and of course, share it the recipes with friends! Bon appetite!

Lunchtime: blue cheese, chicken meat, tomatoes, cucumber and onion

Every lunch should include meat. Our first tasty lunch recipe is a combination of chicken meat, salty pancakes, onion, tomatoes and cucumber. Yummy, I can’t wait to prepare this recipe and to share it with my family.

blue cheese

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What’s in the plate: meat, roasted beef and leek

Eating roasted beef is good for your brain so you must eat it because this type of meat is rich of iron and potassium. This time we suggest you combine roasted beef with leek and meat. I recommend you to drink a glass of wine while eating this tasty recipe. Enjoy in good food, good music and good company.


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Tasty food: Roast beef, potatoes puree and bean poods

Potatoes puree is one of our favourite meals, especially when is in combination with veggies and roast beef. A tasty recipe that you might wish to try at home and eat with a good company.

A healthy recipe for lunch: soybean, broccoli and roast beef

As I mentioned above roast beef is containing high protein. One typical 3-ounce serving contains calories from 140 to a little more than 200 calories. This recipe idea includes broccoli again, soybean and roast beef. Good combination for one quality lunch that will boost your energy.

Tasty recipe: broccoli, pasta, mustard and meat

Most of the lunch recipes include meat like roast beef and broccoli. As you can see, this recipe also contains broccoli, meat and pasta. On the pasta, there is a sauce and on the broccoli is added mustard. Yummy, can’t wait to prepare this with my friends.


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Lunch recipes: chicken, rice and potatoes puree

And we are to the last recipe of today’s menu. This time is not a roast beef but is chicken meat (chicken steak), rice and tomatoes puree. Probably, this is the meal that most kids adore and eat almost every day. Is healthy, it looks great and is full of calories. Good appetite my dear and lovely friends!

For the end of this post, it only stays to thank you for your attention and to invite you to see interesting kitchen gadgets shared on the best website about food –!


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Fight a Hangover in Morning With Healthy Smoothie

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We all have those nights when we exaggerate with drinking alcohol in the night. A birthday party, a celebration of the people we love, anniversary celebration, a friend is marrying! Every night different reason for drinking and celebrating! Drinking alcohol on this days is unavoidable and sometimes we can pass the permitted limit. We drink a martini, then pass to vodka and ending up with ouzo and we make a mix in our body. All this results with a bad night and a strong headache and hangover in the morning. Drink this healthy smoothie that you can prepare for 2 minutes and fight a hangover in the morning! Don’t suffer because we have a solution for all of your problems, FOLLOW US! (more…)

9 of The Most Creative Meals for Kids

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Our task as a parent is to teach our children to eat fruits and veggies every day. This might be a hard task for some parents whose children don’t even want to taste this type of food. But, there is some easy way that appeals to everyone’s appetite and this will be the same as your problematic children. Creative meals are kid-friendly recipes used as a smart trick to teach your children that eating healthy food is good for people’s health. (more…)

Eating Healthy Food Helps You to Stay Young

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Ageing is a part of our life but we all tend to stay young. Some people stay young even though they are turning the age of 30, 40 or more. But other people look younger. Even at the age of 20, they look like 16. How is this possible? Well, is possible because there are a lot of things that had an influence on staying young and healthy. For example, eating healthy food, quitting smoking, hormonal harmony helps you to stay young and healthy. Read what are the other things you are ignoring but you badly need it to stay young. (more…)

This Healthy Food Can Help You To Arise Haemoglobin

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Most people suffer from anaemia. This is a condition that happens when your blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells or haemoglobin. Anaemia is a condition that pregnant women have, children and sick people, have. This disease can be cured with pills or can be treated in a natural way. Eating healthy food for breakfast, lunch or dinner can help you to prevent or to cure anaemia. Read more hereinafter. (more…)

Drinking Coffee Every Day is Healthy For You

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Some people can’t imagine passing a day without coffee. Coffee is the best antioxidant. Drinking coffee with a company is a favourite part of the day. Coffee has a lot of health benefits for us, but also there are drawbacks. One cup of coffee per day lowers the risk of liver cancer and some other diseases. Just drinking one coffee cup helps us to calm down. A day without a coffee is lost. Is like something without something. Follow this link to read more about it. (more…)

How to Clean Fruit in Chemical-Free and Easy Way

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Every year, around 48.000 people in the world fall ill of fruit contamination. People don’t know how to prevent contamination. Here is an idea about how to easily remove pesticides and to clean fruit before usage. You can do this in chemical free and easy way just by using water and vinegar. Vinegar is used for cleaning our home and has a great effect. Is used for cleaning surfaces in the bathroom, for cleaning windows, for cleaning the microwave. Some people use it for car cleaning. But vinegar also has a usage of food cleaning. And imagine, the food won’t taste like vinegar. Read about how to clean the fruit in a natural way. (more…)