Cheesy Baked Macaroni Recipe

Hello friends! Bonjorno! For a minute we will take you to Italian cuisine and show you how they prepare pasta in the Italian way! A delicious and easy recipe that we can all prepare In our home, stay with us for the details about the cheesy baked macaroni recipe.

Also, read about how to prepare stuffed cabbage leaves filled with white rice and meat, the most popular recipe in my country, Macedonia. Click here and read it but first read the recipe about MACARONI!

Important information: If you don’t have macaroni you can have spaghetti on your list and bake it in an oven with the same ingredients that we will show you know.

Cheesy baked macaroni recipe: 

First of all, we will show you the needed ingredients, the second of all we will show you the recipe and the third of all we will give you the photo which will make the things clear. I think that this is a cheap and delicious recipe that you can prepare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The time doesn’t matter but what matter is to prepare it in the best possible way!!!

The ingredients you will need to start this recipe:

  • Macaroni ( Italian macaroni are a delicious and great choice)
  • Cheese ( if you don’t want cheese you can avoid it)
  • Meat ( the meat that I add on the macaroni is pigmeat but also you can make the recipe with pork meat)
  • Vegetables ( red pepper, onion, tomato, garlic,)
  • 2 eggs ( the yolks of the eggs you will need it)

The first step is to boil the macaroni and after they are boiled, to cool it with cold water. The next step is to add it in a saucepan and to bake in an oven for 40 minutes. Before putting in the oven, you have to arrange the macaroni in the pan in the first layer, in the second lay, you have to add the meat, the onion and all the veggies you plan to add it. For the third layer and for the end of the lunch you can add the 2 yolks of the eggs and the cheese.

The full recipe we will show you through video and you will learn how to prepare it without reading and just with watching a video that lasts 5 minutes! Watch it now and don’t forget to drink a glass of red or white wine with this food because it’s health and also goes great when is combined with pasta. This is how Italian people do, Bon appetite dear friends and keep following us in future to read other great recipes!

cheese baked macaroni
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