Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods Recipe

Hey friends. If you spend a lot of money on a caterer for birthday parties or any other celebration, now it’s time to stop it. Why? Because you are wasting your money on things that you can make by yourself is so easy and cheap way. For example, to make these perfect chocolate dipped pretzel rods recipe and decorate the table! Every child loves the mix of salty pretzel sticks with a combination of chocolate and sprinkles. You can also add some muffins and complete the tabletop decoration. Stay with us to the end to see different ideas on these delicious salty sticks that you can make it in any color! It’s amazing!

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Chocolate dipped pretzel rods recipe

To make it you will need white or dark chocolate, cookies colors, salty sticks, and assorted sparkling holiday sprinkles. When you will have all these ingredients just dip the pretzel rods in the chocolate and at the end apply the sprinkles. Do different catering and different pretzel rods for the table decor. Check some of the following ideas we have to share with you. Enjoy nice food!

pretzel rods recipes
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Use white or black chocolate to dip the pretzel sticks on it and at the end to finish the decor with sparkles on the top of it. See the second idea from our post now.

pretzel rods recipe
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Look at those cute sticks dipped in white chocolate! I love it so much! what about you? Express your opinion in the comment below our post now and give us your answer.

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Dip the pretzel rods into dark chocolate and do the best decoration. Find some examples in the next photo that will be the end of the post at the same time. Enjoy it!

chocolate dipped sticks
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