The Best Cooking Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

How are you, my favourite readers? This day, we will inspire you about the best cooking tips you wish you knew earlier. Cooking can be easy if we know how and when to use cooking tips. There is a simple solution to every cooking problem. You don’t need a culinary school for learning cooking techniques. All you need is to follow our website and to learn important things.

Learn how to make your life easier with these ideas. Check about preparing a toast without using a toaster, protecting of oil splattering, how to use paper towels in the kitchen… Find mentioned and many other ideas in the following post. Read on about in the following and inspire yourself. Enjoy reading!

Use a kitchen towel to dry and pat a French fries

When you’re ready to make the fries, drain the water. Arrange the potatoes on baking sheets lined with kitchen towels. You can also use paper towels for this need. But, the important thing for you is protecting of splattering oil while frying your favourite potatoes.

french fries

Take care for your herbs the same as you take care of flowers

Herbs need water too! Treat your herbs like they are flowers. For example, you can put the parsley in a water to keep it fresh.

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Use parchment paper for kitchen cutting board

Smart idea that will help you to keep your kitchen clean. This is the best usage of parchment paper. Cut meat on it, cut veggies, shred cheese and prepare quick meals. amazing cooking tips that will save you time for cleaning and cooking also.

kitchen paper

One of the best cooking tips: You don’t have to toaster your toast

Here is one useful idea that might help you if don’t have a toaster. You can add butter, lay in bread and fry in a pan. You can get tasty toast done it without using a toaster. The bread will look golden on both sides.


Interesting ways on how to soften the butter

Do you feel nervous when you can’t apply butter on the bread, cause butter isn’t enough softened? I am really nervous when happens this. That’s why I search on the net and found ways how to soften the butter. Microvawe the butter, is one interesting way to do this. Another way to flatten it is between two sheets of paper towels and using a wine bottle.


How to peel tomatoes with ease

Sometimes, we are fed up with peeling tomatoes. This can be exhausting, especially if we are in a hurry. Here is how to do this in an easy way. Cut an X in the top, and next to do is to simmer in a pot of hot water. Leave for 15 to 30 seconds. After cooling down the skin will fall right off by using your fingers. I wish I knew it this idea before!

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I hope these ideas of best cooking tips are very useful for you. I wish I knew it earlier some of these cooking tips, what about you? Leave your answer below this post. Thanks a lot for your attention, have a nice end of the week!