Easy and Quick Meals – Pickles Sandwiches

In the morning, we hurry to prepare breakfast for our family, little ones and even for us. This is why we should learn different ways to prepare easy meals and quick sandwiches. Today, we have to show you pickles sandwiches – amazing ingredients to start the day and fill it with new energy for the new things in the day.

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Pickles sandwiches are easy to make and tasty to eat it

This is a cool sandwich an the best thing is that the bread is changed with pickles which are great, it doesn’t make you fat and will give you enough energy. Here is the recipe about how to make it.

1. Slice pickles in half lengthwise; scoop out seeds.

2. Top 1 half of each pickle with 1 ounce corned beef, 1 tablespoon sauerkraut, 2 cheese slice halves, and 1 1/2 teaspoons dressing.

3. Top each with another pickle half. Cut pickle sandwich in half. Serve with more dressing, if desired.

Good appetite dear friends, prepare this for work, for home, for school time for your kids and eat it in no time!

pickles sandwiches
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Once when you will learn how to make it, you will prepare for all the family while going on picnic, vacation. Look at these tasty sandwiches done with pickles, veggies and looks so great. Now, I m going into my kitchen to make one sandwich and eating while watching my favorite movie on the TV.

pickles sandwiches
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If you liked the recipe, share it with friends and give them the recipe. Thanks a lot for your time and hope that we inspired you for the next meal that you will prepare for you and your family!!! Have a nice evening, be with your loved people!