Fruit and Vegetable Cart to Turn Your Kids Into Fruit Fanatics

Hey there friends!!! Today we have fruit and vegetable cart that will help you to turn your kid into fruit fanatics. If you just add the fruit or veggies on the plate, probably your children won’t eat it. But, if you mix the fruits, the veggies and create a cart that will be interesting for them, they will surely eat it and will wish to prepare them more. This is the best way to turn your kids into fruit fanatics and teach them how to start love food that is healthy and forget about fast food like french fries and sandwiches. Stay with us to find an idea for the next three days as a meal or breakfast for your little ones and you also!

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Fruit and vegetable cart- cart made with a mix of bananas and strawberries

Forget about seeing bananas at home that aren’t eating and this continues with days, with weeks. Make a cart from bananas and add strawberries to be eaten by your children. Be proud of your effort and creativity, food art. See the idea now.

fruit and vegetable cart
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Veggie train – done with love

After making the cart with fruits, it’s time to make a train by vegetables. Teach children that every day, veggies and fruits should be consumed to keep them healthy. Make this train that they will surely eat it in no time!!!

veggie train
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Make cart with veggies instead of making a fresh salad

Instead of making a salad with fresh veggies, use the veggies to make a cart or train for your loved kids. Let this photo be your inspiration and the last photo from our post. Follow us because we will be back with new ideas like these in future!

veggies train
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Thanks for your time. Now you have ideas about meals that you can prepare for your children and keep them healthy at the same time!