Gelato – Something You Must try this Summer

Hey friends. Our post today has an aim to show you a refreshing dessert named Gelato. what is Gelato? Gelato is a popular frozen dessert of Italian origin. The recipe is simple and it’s generally made with a base of 3.25% milk and sugar. It is generally lower in fat than other styles of frozen and this is how differs of ice cream.

The chef who invented this recipe is named  Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli and thanks to his gelato, we are now having a chance to try tasty dessert.

You can mix it with any type of fruit and eat it with pleasure. Stay with us in the post to check what kind of fruit you can mix and how to prepare it this in your home.

Before checking this dessert also check about the recipe for preparing Japanese strawberry roll cake and prepare it in your home someday.

Gelato with berries

In the next photo, we can see a mix of blueberries, milk and sugar, raspberries, blackberries and this is how you can eat this with pleasure.

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Make your natural yogurt at home

By adding nuts, fruit, mix it with milk and sugar, you will get this natural yogurt. The best thing is that even if it’s delicious it makes you lose weight!

tasty gelato
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Berry Merry fresh cocktail

This martini is usually prepared for Christmas time and the name is berry merry fresh cocktail or calls it martini if you want. See the recipe now.

berry merry cocktal
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A mix of fruits and gelato

This is what I wish to eat right now! Kiwi, mango, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. All this in one glass mixed with milk and sugar and water! This sounds like a dream!

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This is the end of the post dear friends. Thanks so much for your time dear friends and I hope you will prepare gelato now and eat it with pleasure!