Get Rid of Onion Smell From Kitchen

Hey dear friends, how are you today? If you follow our page and reading our posts you already know that here you will have solution for every problem. Today, we will reveal to you how to get rid of onion smell in from kitchen place. No one will notice that you have cooked onion indoors if you follow our tips.

You can bring a few cinnamon sticks or sliced lemon to a boil on your stove. The next step is, simmer the water until the smell is gone. Or, take white vinegar and add in the countertop and this is the next tip to get rid of the bad smell in the home. Salt and soap scrub are the next option to wash your hands and get rid of onion on your hands. Lemon juice, kiwi, green tea can also help you to get rid of this smell, so to your hands so to the kitchen and interior place.

After doing this, you will get rid of the onion smell in the kitchen place. How did I know this?

Let me tell you, that I tried all this at home and the result was stunning, suddenly the smell has gone so decide to share ith with you. Try it at home and write a comment below the post to share your own experience with us.

onion smell
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This is the end of this post today, the post was short but full of information and tips for every cooker. Share these tips with friends who are spending a lot of time in their kitchen cooking. Also, read about amazing art with FORKS that can fill your free time in a period when you are home with children that need education. Have a nice start of the day and tomorrow, keep following our page. Why? BECAUSE we will be back with new ideas similar to these!!!