Grow Your Lemon Tree at Home

Hi, there dear friends. Lemon is the best antioxidant that helps us to refresh our body, our head when we are drunk,  to boost our immune system, to fight with flu when we add lemon in our hot soup. It’s great when you have money and time and you can buy this fruit every time, but it is greater when you have it at home and grow it with so much love and you have fresh lemon at every period of the day, week, month and year. Today, in our amazing post, we will show you the tips about how to plant, grow and take care of the lemon tree at home and to plant it with lemon seeds. Even though the process of growing it, might seems an impossible mission for you, this is easy and all you need to do is to be patient and to wait for the final result of the project!

  1. Fill the pot with soil but before doing this, moisten. 
  2. Take one lemon and remove the seed. 
  3. Take the seeds immediately and add them in the flower pot.
  4. Spray the soil gently around the seeds and add water. 
  5. Place the pot in a warm place. ( if it’s wintertime, place the pot inside)
  6. Do not permit the soil to dry and pour water every day.
  7. After two weeks, take the plastic covering off.
  8. Keep the soil dump and watch out your young lemon tree from insects or diseases. 
  9. Now, your plant outgrows and you must replant it in other bigger pot. 
  10. Congratulations! You have now grown a young lemon tree and don’t forget about the tree, it needs water often!

The full process you will have the chance to see in the following photo collage.

grow your lemon tree from seeds
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It might sound funny but sometimes to take care of plants and trees it’s the same as you are carrying for one baby animal. It needs attention, time, love and patience above all. In the same way, as we gave you about how to plant and grow your lemon tree, you can plant any other fruit trees in the yard and all you need are fruit seeds!

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