Health Risk and Dangers of Eating Processed Meats

Children’s favourite hot dogs, hamburger, sausages, salami, bacon, salted and cured meat, corned beef, smoked meat, dried and canned meat etc. aren’t so healthy as they think so. This type of meat is in the group of processed meats. Read on to find out why eating processed meats is bad for you and your children and very dangerous for health.

Eating processed meats is bad for everyone and has a lot of potential dangers and health risks. In numerous researches and studies this type of food, also called junk food, is linked to the most dangerous diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. Cut this type of food on your menu and be a healthy person that will give example to own children and nephews.

eating processed meats

Eating processed meats makes you forget eating fruits and veggies

People who often consume processed meat, forget or simply don’t feel the need to eat healthy food like veggies and fruit. You can’t be hungry if you’ve already eaten junk food and your stomach is full. This unhealthy lifestyle continues day by day until is shown some symptom of disease to their bodies. That’s why should people be informed about what to eat and what not. With doing that to protect themselves and to live a healthy life.


The health risk and diseases linked with processed meats

As I mentioned above, every type of meat that includes smoking, curing, salting, drying or canning is in the group of processed meats. The health risk and dangerous diseases as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle are the following ones:

  • Cancer (in most cases stomach cancer)

We eat meat in sandwiches without knowing how is prepared and what’s really in it. In preparation of this meat are added cancer-causing substances called N-nitroso compounds. These substances are formed of from nitrite (sodium nitrite). Next time when eating this type of food or giving to your child remember this post and the health consequences of leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Heart disease

We are what we eat and we decide about our lifestyle. Not just for ours but also for our children (if you are a parent already). Parents must inform their children that junk food is bad for them and to throw it from the fridge. The heart might suffer from eating processed meat. One recent research says that with only one hot dog per day increases the heart diseases for 42%.

  • High blood pressure and diabetes risk

Nowadays, many babies and young children have diabetes in their young ages, all this due to junk food like processed meats. even babies in the stomach, unborn suffer from diabetes. Eating one sandwich with bacon per day can increase the diabetes risk for 19 %.

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Pulmonary arterial hypertension and cardiovascular disease are caused exactly by the ingredients included in the sausages, steak, bacon, smoked meat, etc. Nitrates, red sodium salt and of course processed meats contribute to oxidative stress and are linked to the dangerous diseases. Prevent the disease on time and stop eating this type of food.