Healthiest Food to Eat for Breakfast – Best Options

Eating breakfast is the most important part of the day. We need to boost energy in the morning if we want to put up with long, working day. Breakfast helps us to stop ageing and to stay fit. For this reasons, you can’t skip the breakfast. Here you can find the healthiest food recipes to eat for breakfast. Some people skip eating in the morning, using an excuse that they don’t have time for eating. But they find time for drinking coffee without eating. This bad habit has a big influence on gaining weight and it harms people’s health, ending with heart diseases.

Breakfast skippers eat twice at the time of lunch. That’s why these people are obese and can’t stay slim and fit. In this post, I have chosen the best and the healthiest food recipes to eat for breakfast. Trust me, these are the best options for the morning. If you are wondering what to drink with this meals, please check these super-healthy smoothie ideas to refresh you. Inspire yourself!

Toast made of nut butter, banana, and chia seed 

This super toast is a great breakfast for the busy morning. Imagine, this is better than milk. Contains six times more calcium than milk.

toast healthiest food for morning
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Start the day with oatmeal and muesli

This is a very popular and favourite breakfast for most people and eaten in many countries. An easy recipe that won’t take you long time for preparation. Muesli is a mixture of oats, nuts, dried fruits. Combination of steel-cut oats, milk, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and muesli gives you an energy after waking up. Is good for cholesterol and losing weight.

oatmeal healthiest food

The healthiest food in the morning – Eggs

Eggs contain high protein and a lot of vitamins and minerals. This is my favourite food for the morning. But, there is a rule that says we shouldn’t eat eggs every day. For example, if you have eaten eggs this day, you need to skip eating it the next day.


Pancakes with fruits and honey are one of the best morning options

Mmmm… Pancakes with raspberries and honey will wake up int he best possible way! I like this amazing recipe, what about you?

pancakes with fruit

Eating Nuts for breakfast has a lot of benefits

Nuts are the healthiest snack you have ever tried. Eating nuts for breakfast is good for your heart. Although, it can help you to lose weight and to lower the cholesterol and triglycerides.


Cottage cheese

Don’t have a time for preparing breakfast? Eat cheese and start the day in a healthy way. This meal contains the same protein as eggs. You can combine this meal with fruits. A tasty recipe for waking up and to start the day in a healthy way!

cottage cheese

The best morning meal – Milk with butter biscuits

Children’s favourite breakfast meal. Milk and biscuit are better from coffee!

milk and biscuits

Choose French toast for the first meal of the day

This is the favourite breakfast in my city. French toast with a combination of yoghurt. We simply love it!

french toast