Healthy Food Recipes Helps in Loosing Weight

How great it is when you have healthy food on the menu that is at the same time good for losing weight. Today we offer you healthy food recipes that you must prepare at home if you want to look slim and to be healthy at the same time! We have 7 recipes, lunch ideas for every day!

If you followed our recipes and eat this every day, expect the results for only two weeks and you will lose pounds! You don’t need bread on your menu but what you need are proteins, healthy food that makes you feel healthy!

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Healthy food recipes

1. Avocado, broccoli, and Sardina

Start the week with a healthy lunch recipe. It’s containing avocado, broccoli, and fish Sardina. With this meal you won’t be hungry anymore, will feel positive and be slim.

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2. Rice, fillet, and red pepper

The second recipe is rice, fillet that is salmon and red pepper and onion if you wish to. Eat this one per week and be satisfied with losing weight.

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3. Rice, broccoli and chicken meat for losing weight

We are what we eat and this is why we must pay attention to what we eat every day. We need proteins and do not not need two portions! We can stop feeling hungry of we consume broccoli, ice, and chicken meat.

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4. Carrots, broccoli, and meat

Eat food in style, broccoli, carrots, and meat will keep your energy-filled during the whole day. This can be your lunch for Thursday.

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5. Brocolli, red pepper and rice

This is your lunch for Friday! As you can see every day the food is similar so it’s easy to remember what to eat and stay healthy and lose weight at the same time.

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6. Fish, broccoli, and carrots

For Saturday we offer you a great meal for you!

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7. Tomato, cucumber, broccoli, green beans, and chicken meat

On Sunday you must make detox to your body because you probably went our on Saturday night on party and you drunk a lot. Mix tomato, cucumber, broccoli, green beans, and chicken meat and boost your energy! This was the last recipe of our 7 healthy food recipes, 1 for every day!!! If you don’t like our order change it!

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Thanks for your time and I hope that from this day in the future you will start eating healthy food because we are what we eat!!! I recommend you to prepare these meals for your kids also! Bye!