If you Want to Lose Weight, Don’t Eat This Food at Night

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Food can be your friend but sometimes it can be your worst enemy, if you eat without control, you can gain weight. After gaining weight, is pretty hard to lose weight, we all know this. For some of us, kilograms aren’t a problem but some are obsessed with the problem of losing weight. Most of them, focusing on losing weight are feeling stressed and this leads them to kilograms plus on their body. Everything is inside our minds friends! If you want to do this an have a new look, be smart never eat this type of food before going to bed.

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lose weigth
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The first thing to avoid eating per night is the sweetest fruit – banana.


Many people are drinking alcohol per night without knowing that this can destroy them and gain on weight. Stop doing this if you are in plan to lose your belly.


In fact, soda is acidic and you should avoid drinkin’ soda or any kind of food done with soda. Especially, avoid this per night.


Cheese is also on the list of food to avoid per night, to lose weight.


When we are to chocolate, we should also avoid it per day, for those who want to lose weight.


Nuts are also on the list. Why? Cashews, walnuts, macadamia, and peanuts are the worst food per night!!!


Citrus is the second fruit after banana. If you think that glass of orange juice is great to drink it and going to bed, you are making the worst choice with this.

Avoid coffee and lose weight

We shouldn’t drink coffee in the period before bed, or we should drink it after 7 o’clock P.M. Coffee is the last on the list.

I hope that this lesson about food, type of food and why you shouldn’t eat all this before going to bed at night and you will be kind to tell your friends about it. Be our follower in future when we will be back with our new post and ideas, aimed only for you! Bye!