Kiwi and Banana Art to Make Your Day

Sometimes we as parents buy fruit for our children but they don’t eat. How many times happen to you to throw the bananas that aren’t eaten but are mold? To be honest, this happened a lot to me, until I saw these interesting ideas with kiwi and banana art. When I started making this food art, all the fruits that I’m buying are eaten for one or two days. (depends on creativity).

For this reason, I decided to share the same ideas with you and this is why now I invite you to be our follower and see these creative ideas in the following.

Kiwi and banana art: Make banana walrus

First, make banana walrus with black chocolate, jelly, and bananas. Melt the chocolate in a bowl, after cooling, apply the chocolate on bananas and add it in the fridge. Let it cool about half an hour and for the end complete the decorations. Find an idea in the photo now.

kiwi and banana art
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Make banana giraffe, zebra, and lion

The next idea is about to make animals with bananas and black and white chocolate and jelly also. As you can see, the needed ingredients are the same and al you need is an idea! The idea is here so check the photo that follows and is the second of the post.

banana art
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Kiwi art – make an owl by using kiwis

It’s the same with the kiwis, you can simply make food art from it. For example, to make an owl and be proud of your catering. Make this food art for your kids and they will start eating kiwi. ( if they aren’t eating now). See the idea in the third phoot from the post.

kiwi owls
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Make a turtle from kiwi

And there we are to the next amazing idea that is about how t make turtles by using kiwi. Find inspiration in the photo that follows now below, just take a view.

kiwi turtle
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Kiwi and banana art: Banana castor

With this banana castor, we will end up this post. Take a glimpse in the poo that follows and try to make something like this for your loved children.

bananas castor
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I hope you had fun with our post today and will try to make some of this food art in your home and free time!!! Also, check our last post that is also creative and is about how to make a cart with fruits and veggies.