Making Art by Using Plastic Spoons and Forks

Hey friends. Spoons and forks aren’t just for eating, but if we are creative we can make art from it! We can make a bowl for fruits storage, wall clock, flowers and all these by using plastic spoons and forks. How to make it, how much time you need for making it and what to make it, find out HEREINAFTER!

What time is it?

It’s the time when you have to gather all plastic spoons and forks you have at home and make an incredible clock for your house walls. Take a look in the photo now to find some inspiration from it!

art from plastic spoons
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Amazing flower made out of red and white plastic spoons

While we had a chance to see how to make wall clock by reusing the spoons and forks made out of plastic, we have here just one amazing flower made from the same material. You can use this to decor the party and some other celebration that you will make in the future. See the craft now.

spoons art
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Plastic spoons vase is the third idea from this post

In the third photo from the post, we can see how to make vase by using the plastic kitchen tools again. I think that we will need some kind of vase at home to be this home to our flowers and plants we have! It looks amazing and we can make it for only one hour!

plastic spoons vase
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Perfect place made in no time

This is an amazing and creative idea and at least you can try to make it in your free time, to give new life to the spoons and to impress your friends with your creativity. Take a look now in the craft!

spoons plate
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Spoons mirror frame – make it and love it

We can although use the spoons and make a mirror frame in an easy way and decorate the house walls. Take a look in this beautiful idea and craft!

spoons mirror frame
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Make a door wreath by using red and white spoons

By using spoons and glue you can save your money and make your own door wreath and beautify the door and front part from the house. This is the last idea from this post, so hope you had fun with it.

spoons art
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In the end, thank you so much, my dear followers, and hope you will be our follower tomorrow when we will be back with some new ideas and crafts!!!! Also, read the last post about our 6 GREEN JUICES