Orange Art – Vitamin C in Your Plate

We all know that oranges are full of vitamin C, also contain fiber, potassium, and choline. All these things are good for your heart and this fruit boost your immune system. Imagine combining healthy food with art, it’s an amazing result. Today, we will KEEP exactly on this topic, about orange art and vitamin C on your plate. Do this catering and kill two birds with one stone!

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Orange art- make mice

The very first idea is about how to make mice at home just by using orange. Once when you will check the photo, yo will make the things clear and will learn how to make this in your home.

orange art
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Make art for New Year

This idea might sound strange for you because isn’t topical for this period of the year. But, keep this idea in your mind and make it on your own plate. For you, your lids and even for the whole family.

art with food
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Make a bird with oranges

This is what yo can make for Easter time, edible bird done with oranges and apples. Look at this cute catering, you can make the same at home.

orange art
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Make a dog again with oranges – orange art

The next photo is about how to make a dog with the use of oranges in the best way. Do this and be proud for being a creative person.

cute dog
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What about an orange bicycle? 🙂

I n the next photo we can see again creative idea. This time, we see a bicycle with oranges on the plate!

orange bicycle
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Mix oranges with blueberries

In the next photo, we can see how to make little fish with oranges and blueberries and crate an art in the late while we also have vitamins here. See the idea in the next photo.

orange and blueberries
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Orange dog – orange art cut

And the last photo is interesting and it’s about how to make a dog with fruits – oranges. Have you ever seen such an amazing orange cut???

fruit dog
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Thank you, my friends! We appreciate your time and hope you learned something. Now it.s time to finish this post and say goodbye to all you!