Potato Power: It Absorbs Wi-fi Signals and Produces Energy

Hey friends. Living in one contemporary society means to follow each trend and new things. Imagine, you are on vacation on a mountain. You don’t have a net connection but desperately wish to check your Facebook profile. What would you do? Read how can you solve this problem with the potato power.

Do you know that potatoes absorb Wi-fi signals? Potatoes contain water and chemistry that absorb and reflects wave signals. Another great power of potato is to produce energy. Read on to find out how is this possible. Check about potato power: it absorbs wi-fi signals and produces energy and generates electricity. Weird but truthful! Read on this post to find out how is possible this! Next time, when going somewhere take one full bag of potatoes with you!

1.Potato power: Absorbing Wi-fi Signals

wi-fi signal potato power

This crazy fact is totally true. Potatoes are used in the air, in flights to improve the Wi-fi signal. There are many people who can’t imagine flying on a plane without having an internet connection. Here is one example of how potatoes were used in flight to improve connection. A long time ago, in 2006, an Engineers at Chicago-based Boeing Co used potatoes to eliminate weak spots in the net. It was supposed that one potato attracts the radio signals the same as the human body.  Using potatoes at home routers also have an effect. It improves wi-fi connection signals and reduces the weakness.

potato wi-fi
Photo via www.talepicker.com


2. Potato Power-Producing Energy and Generating Electricity

Another crazy power about this veggies is that potato generates electricity. Imagine, it can also produce an electrical energy. The centre of the tuber has the same structures of a stem, including a cortex and pithy vascular zones. A potato’s acidity has the same effect as a chemical battery. It functions in the same way so you can use it to generate electricity. A potato can light a room for one month! Use this idea to save on electrical energy!

electrical energy

Constructing a Potato Battery

Kids are interested in the construction of potato battery. When we were kids we have tried to do a battery like this one. Here are the instructions about how is made. The first thing to do is to cut one potato in half. Get a piece of copper, a galvanized nail, green, red and black wire. Of course, don’t forget the small lightbulb you wish to light. If you want to be easy process use LED or light emitting diode. Next thing you need to do is to cut the wire into two pieces. Strip the wire ends to have enough exposed wire to wrap around the copper (ductile metal ). See how is done in this image. If you have something unclear, please follow this tutorial and learn how to make a homemade battery of potato. 

potato battery

Well, I found these 2 interesting ideas about the potato power. You must agree with me that both are interesting. Also, read about cooking tips that will make your life easier. Keep following our website to learn more food facts in a near future! Thanks for your attention and have a great end of the week!