So Delicious Matcha Layered Cheesecake Recipe

Good afternoon friends. Today is Sunday, my name is Tanja and I promise you a great recipe for this lovely day when yo are at HOME and have enough TIME to MAKE IT. I love no-bake cakes and the following cake is like that! The recipe is about tasty and delicious matcha layered cheesecake and you will LOVE IT!

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Layered cheesecake recipe

The ingredients you will need for making the cake are these:

  • 140 g biscuits
  • milk
  • butter
  • cream cheese
  • 120 g sugar
  • 400 ml of yogurt
  • 400 ml of heavy cream
  • water
  • matcha powder
  • gelatin powder

This is all you will need to make this lovely cheesecake. Now, read the recipe after the photo mow where you can check the final result of the cake.

layered cheesecake
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Crush the biscuits in a bowl, add melted butter and milk. Put this mix in a refrigerator to cool it for about half an hour.

Then, prepare the gelatin in another bowl. Place gelatin in a bowl and add hot water. To the cream cheese, you need to add sugar and mix this.

Heal gelatin in the microwave to become liquid. Divide the mixture into two parts, one part leave it on the side and the other use it to add matcha in it.

Half of the filling, add in the fridge to freeze.

After 3 hours, see what happened to your filling.

Now, yo are at the end of your hard work and cake preparation! Here you are to the last step. Remove the cake from the mold sprinkle the tea strainer on the surface and sprinkle matcha. ( if it’s your desire)

If you still have something unclear, check the video with the full tutorial.

How I love this idea and recipe but what can I do more unless to say thank you very much for your time and invite you to be with us tomorrow the next day when we will be back with new ideas.