Surprise Him/Her With Tasty Breakfast

One of the best things in the morning is having tasty breakfast in the bed, breakfast prepared by the hands of the person you love and without who you can’t imagine a life. The other cool thing is to get also coffee after breakfast and to be satisfied with life! This can be better than saying good morning and it’s great someone to do this for us but it’s also a great idea for us to do for the people we love.

Today, we invite you to see what to prepare, how to prepare, how to serve and to ruin the heart of the person you adore. Be with us for a few minutes and boos the romantic in yourself!

When you spend so much time with a partner you know what he/she likes to eat and probably you have an idea in the head about catering. As you can see we will show you healthy food, cucumber and tomatoes are in the first plan in the morning and it’s easy to prepare this tasty breakfast. Good appetite!

tasty breakfast

While the partner is eating breakfast in the bed, go quickly in the kitchen and prepare the coffee. Say good morning, say I love you and ruin his/her heart! By the way, you know if your partner drinks coffee with or without sugar, do not make a mistake! Good morning, choose Nescafe to wake him/her up in easy way!


My other is always saying if you want a nice marriage you have to cook well, so I’m trying to follow her advice and preparing a fresh salad for him. My fresh salad looks like this in the photo and he definitely is satisfied with the food I’m preparing for him! Maybe you will prepare this for your husband/wife/boyfriend?


This combination is eggs, french fries, and cheese, food that we can often see on the menu in the morning time. It’s healthy and easy to make it when we love our people!


If your beloved person loves eating bread, tomato and salami prepare this and bring it to bed. Oh, how I wish my partner to prepare this for me every morning, what about you. :))


With this coffee, we will end up this post now and how you liked all the food catering we gave you. Now, the next morning make a surprise to your partner and be your loved person!



If you aren’t romantic at all, tell this idea to another person and friend who is romantic and have no idea how to surprise the partner. If you have some time free also read about watermelon art and something that you can also make for your partner and show the love you feel for him/her!