Tasty Pancakes Recipes You Haven’t Read Before

Hello dear friends. We as mothers are cooking every day and always trying to make something tasty and different for our kids and for the whole family. We make breakfast, lunch, and dinner and when we have extra free time also prepare some dessert because our children love this. e love them, so feeling happy when cooking for them and sharing happiness with them. This post is about how to make tasty pancakes recipes and I’m sure that you haven’t read these recipes before. So, spend some free time with us and read what is best in our CUISINE!


The name of today’s chosen pancakes are lemon ricotta pancakes and the name tells us that is made in Italian cuisine. but what do you think to try to make an Italian cuisine in our kitchen place and try to prepare it for our family? If you share the same opinion as me and you think this is a good idea, scroll down to see the ingredients and the instructions about how to make it and surely make it! 🙂

pancakes recipes
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Here are the steps about how to prepare it. The first step is the step of separating the eggs and beating the whites by themselves does take a little extra time, this is about quality of life, people! The beaten egg whites lend an extra lightness to these delicately flavored pancakes. Make them for a special occasion, and enjoy the process.

Because of the beaten egg whites, the batter of these pancakes is both thick and light. Once you drop a ladleful onto the hot pan, spread it out with the back of the spoon to make a smooth circle of batter that is about five inches wide. Serve them with the usual suspects (a.k.a butter and real maple syrup) and a spoonful of fresh berries. If you don’t like strawberries, you can add blueberries, raspberries and enjoy in tasty pancakes.

I recommend you to drink white wine with this and to enjoy life because life is too short my dear friends who enjoy eating healthy and tasty food.

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In the end, thanks for all the time and attention you gave us for free. We will continue searching for the best recipes and will give you impressive ideas from ur cuisine. Have a nice rest of the day and be with us in the near future to read other recipes that we will share on our age just for you lovely cookers!!!