Tasty Recipes and Food Art For Your Inspiration

We are cooking each day for us, our family, friends, people we love, our kids and nephews. While we are cooking we are looking for other NEW ideas that will help us to boost our creativity and imagination. Today, we have special tasty recipes and food art just to inspire you and tell you what to prepare for today!!!

We will show you how to prepare the rice, the chicken in the best way and to improve your cooking skills in freeway! Our ideas are free for every one of you and all of it are amazing, just you need to give us your free minutes!!!

Saucy fried chicken and potato

The very first idea is actually a very nice idea to cook for your partner 🙂 Have fun while you are preparing this saucy fried chicken in a creative way and also add a little potato in it. Find more idea in the photo now or check the link for more information and for the full recipe.

food art
Photo via www.dailynewsdig.com

Rice men bathing in a meat stew

In the second recipe, we have to show you the idea of cooking for your little kids who have a problem with eating. With a recipe like this, they will eat without any problem. These are rice men bathing in a meat stew and you can make it no time but your kids will surely eat this lunch.

food art
Photo via www.dailynewsdig.com

The happy smiling salad face for your little ones or your family

Cook for your dearest one but also cook for you, prepare this happy salad that is full with vitamins and also will help you to be the healthy person/ Take a look in the recipe and keep following the link below and find out how to make it in your home place.

happy face salad
Photo via www.dailynewsdig.com

Prepare Vini the Pooh themed lunch for your little kids

If you have a problem with your kids and they don’t want to eat your food they can surely boost their appetite while eating their rice themed Vini the Pooh. find little motivation in this photo, little free time and make it with love for all the family you have.

pooh rice
Photo via www.yandex.by

This is not just rice this is dog shaped rice

Rice is rice but it doesn’t have to stay just rice if you are smart and you use this recipe. Make this cute dog shaped rice for your little children and show them how much love you have for them. Well, this is the last idea from this post and I hope that you will keep following our page in the future to read other full recipes for the family.

dog rice
Photo via www.discovery24h.blogspot.com

At the end of this post, I also invite you to read our last post about how to make a nice rainbow with the use of roasted vegetables. Please keep following our recipes in the future to learn how to prepare a tasty recipe for the people you love!!!