The Coolest Pancakes Ideas For You

Good morning friends. If you start every morning with us, you are doing the real thing, at the right moment because we are always creative for you with aim to give you some ideas. Our recipes today are pancakes ideas aimed for you and I hope that you will try to prepare at TODAY!!!

Have you ever seen such an amazing strawberry art done with so much love and effort? 

First of all, let me tell you the ingredients you will need to prepare the pancakes:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cup of milk
  • 1 cup of flour
  • sugar

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and then decide what kind of design you wish to see on your plate and make it. But, to learn how to make it, please check our photos below.

Pancakes ideas – make a cutie cat

Your ingredients are there and you made the pancakes now it only stays to bake it and next to create art in the plate. For example, you can create a cat-like is shown in the very first photo from the post. To make this cutie cat you will need 4 pancakes, check the photo now.

pancakes art
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Make pancakes bunny for Easter time

The second idea is about how to make a cute bunny for Easter time and this to be your favorite meal for the whole family. I hope that you like this idea and will make this year to be part of your tabletop decoration. I like it and will surely make it!

pancakes ideas
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Make a pancake lion

With just one pancake, you can make different things, we already know this. In the third idea as w can see, we can make a lion by using one pancake and be satisfied with the result. For the eyes, you will need two blueberries and for the nose – one piece of banana. This is it!

pancakes lion
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Make a snail or flower by using pancakes and fruits

Snail or flower with pancakes, the choice is yours and you can make it the two if you have time for this. To complete the decor you will need fruits like kiwi, strawberry and blueberries and also banana. See the ideas now, get inspired and at the last we can put an end to the post.

pancakes ideas
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Thanks a lot for your time and now is realtime when you have to prepare the best pancakes for your loved one, dearest children and husband! 🙂