Vegetable Art Ideas For Creative People

Are you looking for some creative ideas about vegetable art flowers? You are in the right place, in the right moment and reading the right inspirational post that I’m writing ONLY for you! Also, check here artistic veggie and fruit salad decoration and 9 creative meals you need to prepare for your lovely kids. But, first, let’s take a quick view of our lovely flowers made of veggies. 

What follows next are zucchini flower, carrot flower, onion flower, tomatoes flowers, chilli pepper flower and purple cabbage flower. See what you can do only by using vegetable!

Zucchini cactus rose flower

This is breathtaking cactus rose flower made of one zucchini. Want to find out how to make it? Here are the instructions: Take one knife, cut one zucchini on half,  cut the outer layer of the zucchini but don’t cut to the end. Check this tutorial where you can clearly see the full tutorial (the video is below this photo) about how to make this lovely veggie flower.

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Flower made of veggies- carrots

What about a lovely flower made of carrots. This is an easy idea but only for people who are patient and creative. check this link where you will learn how to make this craft. Share this idea with your friends and inspire them too.

flower of carrots
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Purple cabbage garnish vegetable art

Purple cabbage is not only tasty and full of vitamins but can also be a thing we can use for making crafts. Today’s idea is about how to make a flower of its usage and with the use of cucumber. A creative idea that if you want to try at home, you might check the link with the tutorial that I will upload below this photo.

purple cabbage
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Make white Chrysanthemum flower of onion

To make a lovely white flower Chrysanthemum you will need only one onion. You need to get ready for crying before starting with this craft.

hrizantema of onion
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Chilli pepper flower idea

If you don’t eat the red chilli is time to reuse is because is better than to throw it. These are the six steps that will help you in making one lovely red pepper – flower. Decorate the table with this creative do it yourself idea.

pepper flower
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How to make lily flower with veggies

WOW, when I first saw the photo I thought that that is not veggies but a real flower. But step by step I realized that this is something that we can all try it at home. I must admit it, creative!

lily flower
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Flowers made of tomatoes

The last idea is about how to make flowers of tomatoes. Check this photos, follow the steps one by one and learn home to make it. Check this tutorial that will help you to learn how to be a creative person. Thanks for your attention and wait for other creative ideas about vegetable art that are coming soon on our website!

flowers - vegetable art

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