Safety Tips for Using Your Kitchen Dumbwaiter Lifts

There are lots of great benefits to owning a dumbwaiter. A commercial dumbwaiter can make it easier to manage heavy, bulky items quickly and efficiently. Hotels and restaurants employ the usage of these fixtures for easy food delivery from the kitchen to the dining area and vice versa. 

But, according to this blog post , dumbwaiters are great for residential use as well. They can help you transport everything from laundry to groceries and even cleaning supplies. That said, we’d like to share with you some tips on how to utilize your new dumbwaiter ‘assistant best’ so that it can serve you well and last a while!


  • Never Install the Dumbwaiter Yourself


Nowadays, almost everything can be DIYed. But, we encourage you to hire a professional to install your dumbwaiter lift. This is the safest thing to do. By hiring a licensed and certified professional, you provide yourself with the much-needed assurance that all installations are planned and executed following industry standards. Furthermore, it ensures that any necessary follow-up procedures will be executed correctly, allowing you the much-needed time to focus on other important matters.


  • Dumbwaiters With Interlocks are Safer


If you have an older building or residence, there’s a chance your dumbwaiter is antique. And although it may serve essential purposes, due to its outdated nature, it can also pose some safety hazards to those who use them. For example, if someone attempts to go into or out of any access door while the cart is still in motion, there’s a chance it could come off its rails and cause injury to anyone standing below it.  

Remember that you can always update your dumbwaiter, so it meets current safety standards. So if it does not have interlocks installed, install it yourself. You can also install a more modern dumbwaiter altogether. Interlocks make dumbwaiters safe, which is why the American Society of Mechanical Engineers recommend them.


  • Space out Trips


Another way to help your dumbwaiter function more efficiently is by allowing it to have breaks between trips. We know how difficult it may be for you to have to wait, but if you are constantly sending loads back and forth without giving your dumbwaiter some time to rest, it will eventually become damaged out of exhaustion.


  • Adhere to the Weight Limit


Dumbwaiters are like elevators in that they have weight limits. One has to be careful about how much they’re putting on there, or it could result in injuries later on. If the dumbwaiter is being used for residential purposes, be sure to follow predefined weights delineated by manufacturers. We advise you to refer to the manual for clarification on how much weight your dumbwaiter can handle.


  • Read and keep Your Manual


To make sure your dumbwaiter is fully operational, you need to read all operating instructions that it comes with. Some of these manuals may offer safety procedures for using the product, while others may advise you on how to perform specific maintenance tasks. It would be best if you didn’t skip over anything because doing so can result in accidents or other unfortunate circumstances.