Vegetable Art Ideas For Creative People

Posted by on Sep 20, 2018 in Catering, Food Ideas
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Are you looking for some creative ideas about vegetable art flowers? You are in the right place, in the right moment and reading the right inspirational post that I’m writing ONLY for you! Also, check here artistic veggie and fruit salad decoration and 9 creative meals you need to prepare for your lovely kids. But, first, let’s take a quick view of our lovely flowers made of veggies.  (more…)

Some Nice DIY Cupcake Stands Made of Wood

Posted by on Sep 9, 2018 in Catering
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Is easy to make a do it yourself cupcake stands when you have an idea for inspiration and extra free time. So, we are here to give you the ideas and you are there to make it by yourself. If can’t do it by yourself you can ask for help and to include your family in this project.  But, if you are not creative and don’t have a time for making crafts, just buy a nice cupcake stands made of wood.  (more…)