5 Quick Healthy Meals For Students

Are you a student looking for a quick and healthy meal? Look no further, these five healthy meals for students in the office can be made for just under $10. Plus, the important thing to remember about making a healthy meal is that you need to eat it! The best way to lose weight and feel great about being a student again is by eating good food. 

1) Sandwiches

A big advantage of having a sandwich for lunch is that you can put anything you like between two slices of bread and call it a meal. For example, a classic ham and cheese sandwich with some soup is an excellent meal for lunchtime in the office. This meal, composed of two slices of bread, a slice of ham, and a slice of cheese is a meal costing just less than $3. You can also make this with almost any type of cheese you like.

2) Salad

Salads are great because they are easy to prepare and don’t require cooking. They can be made using almost any vegetables and meats you have in the fridge and tastes great when tossed with French dressing or oil and vinegar. A salad can be used as an accompaniment to almost any meal, or as a snack by itself. 

Here is a great recipe for a super healthy salad!


– Some mixed salad leaves

– 2 tbsp. dried apricots

– 1 tbsp. flaked almonds, toasted

– 8 cherry tomatoes, halved

– 3 slices of cooked pork loin (or chicken breast)

3) Soup and Crackers 

This meal is all about timing. If you make the soup in advance and store it in the fridge, this can be a very cost-effective nutritious meal. If you make the soup fresh, this can result in a very delicious meal. You can also use any vegetables and meats in the kitchen and make croutons for this! By any chance, you are a student always buy college papers online from a trusted writing service and this will help to boost your grades.

4) Pizza

This is a very quick meal that can be prepared at home or taken to school. It’s also easy to eat without feeling like you are starving. In this meal, pizza with tomato sauce and cheese will make an excellent lunchtime snack or an independent lunch. Pizza is one of the favorite lunches for most students. It is so versatile, you can take what you want on your pizza and it will taste great. 


– Thin Pizza Base (the thin crusts are generally healthier)

– Tomato sauce (to taste)

– Cheese of your choice

– Any vegetables or meat you like.

5) Juice

Juice offers the body several benefits. It is high in vitamin C and B which will help you fight off colds. It’s packed with antioxidants, a natural anti-inflammatory, and can be very helpful in weight loss. Orange juice tastes great on its own, but you can also add fruits such as kiwi, banana, or strawberry to make it more flavorful. Oranges also contain pectin which will help your body remove toxins from the intestines and colon.

These quick and healthy meals for students can be very useful when you want to eat something quick and nutritious. Healthy eating is important because it will help you feel better, sleep better and give you the energy to make it through those long days at school or work.