CATERING: The Best Salad Decoration

Hey friends. We all love eating fresh veggies and salad, in every period of the day we eat it and we fill our energy. But, also we all wish to learn catering tips and to know how to decorate the salad in the place and enjoying our decor for some celebration. Usually, we make catering for wedding, anniversary, birthdays party and we wish to impress the guests coming to our house to see what we made for them. For this reason, spend your free time and see the best salad decoration and also try to make some of it and try to make it at home!

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Salad decoration, Make a salty cake with fresh veggies

In the first photo, we can see a nice cake made fro fresh veggies and this looks like a gift box that every person will wish to eat in at the very first sied. For more information about what you need to prepare it, how to prepare it and how much time do you need to prepare it, follow the link below the photo and find out.

salad decoration
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Amazing cake with carrots, beans, parsley is the second recipe

In the second photo, we have again nice catering and attractive for everyone’s taste and look. Take a look at it and learn how to make the best salad decor for the celebration that is coming very soon! Share with friends!!!

fresh salad decor
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Make easy sandwich cake by using tomato, olives and green beans

The best sandwich you can make for the celebration is this in the photo. The ingredients for making the cake are tomatoes, olives, green beans, parsley, white cream and this will be all friends!  Take a look in it and if you wish to see other cakes too go to the link below the photo and find out what is there!

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Use bacon, cucumber, cheese to prepare a nice salty cake and making the best catering

In the last idea, we can see other catering ideas and the ingredients we should add here are cucumber, bacon, cheese and that’s it dear friends! You will make the best catering for our celebration day and this will be a happy day for us! Take a look in the photo now to see nice catering and fresh salad cake!

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Thanks so much for your attention and hope you found some idea for a celebration that is coming and be READY!!!