How to Get Dark Skin in Natural Way

Hey friends. During the summer period, women want to get dark skin that will make them look more attractive. Read the full text and find out how to get dark skin in a natural way with just a few tips and tricks. Learn how to be smart and how to dark your skin fr only one WEEK> 

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Spend time under the sun to get dark skin

You know that situation when your arms are black because you wear a t-shirt with a short sleeve but you wear long trouser and your legs are white? :))) This is so funny but true and can be an example to follow if you want to see your legs dark. Of course, you shouldn’t exaggerate with this time under the sun, just one hour per day is enough.

Use natural oils

Before sitting under the sun, use natural oil that will help you to get the wanted skin on your face and body. Remember this tip when going out and apply the oil and suncream.

Use skin darkening moisturizing

Use the dark cream that will help you in darkening skin but before using the cream, read the instructions. I mean that you must protect yourself somehow.

Eat healthy diet for health and dark skin

The type of food to eat when you want to have healthy skin is fish, tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds. Red peppers, broccoli, and avocado is also on the list. So, make a menu that will include those types of food and you can eat it every day for breakfast, lunch, or dinner time.

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