Should we Drink Cold Water During the Hot Days

We all drink cold water during the hot summer days without knowing the bad effects of it. Yes, we can get sick even if outside the temperatures are high, yes, we can have a fever if we drink cold water during the hot day. Not just this, something worse could happen to us if we do this every day during the whole summer period, read about it in the following.

In the first photo, we can see a healthy woman drinking cold water and must tell you that this is me every day. What about you, do you drink cold water from the fridge, tell us in the comment below this post but first read the full text below and find out what happens to your stomach when you drink a lot of water.

drinking cold water
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There are several reasons why you shouldn’t drink cold water and here are some of them. One of the main reasons to avoid drinking cold water is because it has a serious implication on your digestion. Chilled water as well as some cold beverages contract the blood vessels and also restrict digestion. Do you know what doctors say about this? They say that when the weather is hot during the summer period we should better drink hot water and when the weather is cold to drink cold water and not contrary. However, we are all doing the wrong thing and mix the stuff. Doctors also say that if you drink cold water from the fridge and you drink it directly of the bottle you will surely get sick, and if you pour in a glass you won’t get sick. Interesting fact. 🙂

While chicken soup and hot water help you to breathe well, the cold water has the contrary effect and makes your nasal mucus thicker so you can’t eat well, even you can’t talk normally. So, you should know that if you have a flu and you still continue drinking the cold water you should STOP even if summer period because it can make you feel worse!

I hope that you will follow my advice that I shared here with you and to be honest in this moment I’m facing with flu due to the cold water, even outside the weather is 40 degrees I’m feeling blue. Next time, when you will try to drink iced water, remember this and my useful advice for you!

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