Special Cakes for Seniors, Make a Surprise for Them

Hey friends. Many of us have grown up with the help of grandmothers and this is some way to say thanks for all those days where your grandmas were always here with you for all you need. Order a cake for them and make them happy. The choice of the cakes depends on profession your grandma had it and here in the following, we will give you some photos of special cakes and you are there for choosing.

While we will mention the cake themes, most of them are knitting themed, but this doesn’t mean that you have to choose for your grandma, mother, sister, mother in law but you can also give it to the opposite gender and to give it to your brother, father, father in law and to make him day! Because not just the women are working in a textile factory also there is a man who spends all his life in a factory. I think that is enough of writing now and we will focus on the cakes now, stay with us and have fun!

Also, follow this link that will give you ideas for preparing tasty cake mixed by apple and biscuits. Follow the link and learn how to prepare it for your kitchen place and for the whole family!


Knitting themed cake to make a surprise to your grandma

Knitting themed cake will be a great choice for any type of grandmas because all of them love knitting. Take a look in the photo now and also see the other photos to look for the best cake and suitable for your favorite person that will go retiring.

special cakes
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Perfect gift for the seniors/grandmas/mother in laws/mothers

If your grandma, mother, mother in law passed all life in a textile factory and now she will retire, this is a perfect gift to give to her. All you have to do is to save the photo on the desktop and look for someone to make it. Take a look in the second theme and second cake of this post.

Photo via www.marquesina.mx

Give your grandma best gift for birthday party

Maybe this cake won’t cost you so much but your grandma, friend, mother or whatever who will be thankful to you. Take a look in the photo and decide if this is suitable gift that you can give with your heart!

Photo via www.marquesina.mx

Knitting themed cake again

Maybe you already concluded that the most cakes we shared with your today are connected with knitting. This is because women in this period pass too much free time in their homes in knitting because some of them simply have no other hobby to do. But those who have nephews to grow, well nephew this is the gift you should give to your grandma and show your love for her. This is the last cake theme for today hope you already have some idea for your family members!

knitting cake
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