Christmas Meals That Will Be Your Favorite

Christmas time is the period of holidays, period when we have a lot of time for cooking and preparing our favourite meals. Of course, we don’t use our free time just for us, but also we use it to impress our nephews, children, our parents, cousins and grandparents. In this post, we will show you how to prepare interesting Christmas meals for healthy breakfast and wishing GOOD MORNING to the people that are very special in your life. If you are a parent, probably you will prepare this for your kids and with this to teach them to eat healthy food during the holidays and not to exaggerate with the chocolates due to the Christmas gifts placed under the Christmas tree. 

Stay with us to the end and look at amazing tasty Christmas meals that will soon be your favourite recipes! Let’s eat healthy food even for the holidays and to minimize eating cakes and chocolates during all winter vacation!

Please also check our Christmas cookies recipes which are also one choice of healthy food for the winter holidays.

Christmas appetizer: Making Christmas tree of vegetables

The very first recipe is about how to make Christmas meal by using broccoli, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower and salty sticks. Prepare this recipe for your little ones.

Christmas tree
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Use kiwi for creating a Christmas tree and strawberries for ornaments of the tree

kiwi tree
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Healthy Christmas meals made of fruits mix

This is the best recipe to make a mix of healthy food and to teach your child that even for the holidays we should eat healthy meals. I hope that you will like this idea, I will surely try to prepare it for my children.

fruits Christmas tree
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Cheese and grapes Christmas tree – healthy recipe

If you want to force your child to eat cheese, this is a great way to include the cheese in your preparations and to make something healthy and with love for your little ones. Make something for you too and eat it with an appetite!

cheese and grapes Christmas tree
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Make a wreath of cheese and olives

Our idea of a wreath is not for your front door, but is for eating too 🙂 When I saw it at the very first side I suddenly wish to eat it. Prepare it for your home and for the party with your friends! Have fun because this is the most wonderful time of the year and lasts very short!

wreath of food
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Different ideas about making Christmas meals for parties

Many times happened to us to have food in our hands but to have no idea what do with it. Let’s have a look in these 6 ideas that are the inspiration for me, for you and for all of us. Cucumber Christmas tree, cheese or pepper Christmas tree, lemon or orange Christmas tree. Whatever you choose you will beautify the table setting and your party may start RIGHT NOW! Merry Christmas my dear friends, keep following our amazing website!

interesting meals
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