Creative DIY Spoon Art Ideas to Steal the Show

We have seen art on paper, art on photography, 3D optical illusion, but we can rarely see art made of kitchen tools. Art can be also created by everyday objects that we use it for cooking and preparing favourite meals. The kitchen silverware can be repurposed for making art, so, don’t throw away the old kitchen stuff. I invite you to stay with us until the end of this post and to see some of the most creative spoon art ideas.

Make creative spoon art with the following ideas or share it with some creative person!

A tropical palm tree art made of spoon

Creative tropical palm tree idea for those who are passionate to a table setting. Arrange the silver spoons in a creative way and make a nice craft. Bring the summer to your home just with little creativity and imagination.

spoon art
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DIY Flowers created of kitchen tools – spoons & forks

You don’t like fresh flowers because you have no time for watering? Don’t worry, you can still have flowers at home but artificial and do it yourself! The materials you will need for doing this flowers are silver spoons & forks. Be creative!

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Leaves created of spoons, DIY

Nice leaves created out of old spoons is what you need to do in extra free time! Do it yourself and beautify the table if you want to surprise the guests that are coming to dinner at your house!

table art
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Spoon art flower idea

Another idea to make a flower of spoons, but this time with silver spoons and you don’t need to cut or to use glue. Is an easy idea, is the coolest idea, it looks pretty on every table!

spoon art
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Flower created of plastic spoons

One different idea about how to make a flower of plastic spoons. The material you need for this is

  • Plastic spoons ( the colour is your choice)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • A small piece of cardboard

Not just it is easy to make it but also it looks AWESOME. Please check this link where you have all steps for doing this craft.

plastic spoon art
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Spoon silverware butterfly

Spend free time in doing decorative elements fo ouse and garden decor. For example, you can make a butterfly for wall decor. The materials you need are silver spoons and only one old fork. Save this idea for your free time or share it with a person who adore do it yourself ideas!

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Do it yourself spoon hanger for plants and flowers

Perfect idea to organize the flowers in an outdoor place. Hang it on the outdoor wall an save space. But how to hang it if you don’t have a hanger? Well, if you don’t have a hanger you can do it yourself one nice hanger made of reused silver spoons. Find inspiration in the photo or check this tutorial that gives you a total explanation about how is made.

hanger of spoons
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