Even Pizza Isn’t The Same Anymore, Unfortunately!

There is no person in this world that doesn’t like pizza, kids love it, adults and seniors also. We eat it as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in every period of the day and every season of the years. Never get boring with this meal. But, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever! Time is changing dear friends, people are changing so the taste of food is changing too, in the same way. One example of this is the taste of pizza, it’s isn’t the same anymore, unfortunately! Like the time when I was a child, the taste was simple and delicious. Let me tell you what contained: mushrooms, cheese, oregano, and ketchup.

What’s happening with nowadays pizzas???

Pizza for veggies containing green pepper and olives? No ketchup and oregano on it, no cheese, no mushrooms. Oh no! Pizza with eggs and mayonnaise on the top? Seriously? This isn’t for me, I would like the old pizza to be BACK!

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Photo via dodskypict.com

Back in my topic and introduction, I think that to make sure that pizza is tasty and to remind us of the days when we were kids, in the 90, we can make it at home and going into restaurants. We can add what we wish to, mushrooms, cheese, too much oregano, and black pepper. Of course, do this if you aren’t vegetarian but if you are, respect the new way of cooking in the restaurants and be vegan!

This time spent with you was such fun for me and I hope was fun for you too. Keep following us in the future to read other posts that will make you feel never boring!!! Tomorrow we will be back with new posts!