Interesting Meals to Prepare for Your Children/Nephews

Mother and grandmothers ( especially grandmothers) are happy when their children and nephews are eating healthy food, a meal in the morning, lunch and dinner time. This is why they try to find some interesting meals recipes and try to make it in their kitchen place! If you are of them you should follow our page and find the best recipes.

Children between age 2-5 can be problematic in eating and they refuse to eat any type of food but they eat interesting food creation and art in the plate. This is why we should take fruits and veggies and make food art on the plate. In this way, our kids will eat the full food on the plate, will be feed and healthy and we will be happy. Spend some time now to see the full recipes and photos where you can see how to arrange the fruits and veggies!

Make a lion with cucumber, bread, and carrots

In the very first photo, you will see how to arrange the veggies in a great way and create a lion. There aren’t any children who won’t wish to eat this and also to tri e to make it with own hands. Take a look at the food art now!

veggies lion
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Make interesting creatures by using fruits and surprise kids

This is the best food art that I have ever seen and hope you will try to make some of these for your kitchen place and make a nice surprise to children.

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Make a lion with spaghetti and eggs

With good creations, your children will start eating meals and special food in their home place. Be a creative person and make this in your kitchen place, make a surprise to your kids.

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Make a food art with the help of blackberries

Some kids have problem with blood level and you can force them to eat if you are creative and make art in the plate-like this. Take a look in the photo now and find some inspiration for your house place and kitchen! To complete the decor you will need blackberries, pancakes, oranges, and lemons!!!

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If you read all this, thanks for your attention and if you still have free time and no place to spend it, keep following our page. Also, read about how to prepare eggs in different ways and try to copy some of the recipes in your kitchen place! Keep following us because we will be back with new interesting meals recipes!!!