Healthy Snacks Catered in a Plate

Imagine seeing healthy food and nice catering in one place – this is an art! Check the following healthy snacks that you can try for the whole family! This happens when the plate is your paint and healthy food is your priority. You eat healthy food each day and do the best catering right there in your CUISINE!

If your kids enjoy while eating banana, check these BANANA ART ideas we shared with your recently in our post. But, firstly check these perfect healthy meals for breakfast time!

Healthy snacks – rice and cucumber

It’s something that we often consume and it’s cucumber and rice on a plate. This is amazing food art and a plate full of vitamins. Have a look at the photo now and find some motivation for your own cuisine.

healthy snacks
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Create a dog in the plate by using raspberries and pancakes

Raspberries and pancakes – both are healthy food. You can use it, arrange it and make a dog shape on your plate. Find some inspiration in the following photo which is the second of the post we shared now.

healthy snacks
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Vini the Pooh in the plate – with eggs

Eggs and cheese are needed to make this Vini the Pooh, take a look in the third photo from the post and find some motivation in it. Make this food art for your children and show them your creativity and love in the same time.

food art
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Paint monsters with salad

Teach your children to eat salad each day by making monsters in the plate with cabbage and cucumber. I hope that your child would like to eat this but it is scared, try with different ideas we shared previously. However, check the idea now.

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Healthy snacks – make flower pots and plants with food

There we are to the last and most impressive idea from this post. ( at least for me). To make this, you will need integral bread, veggies, spinach, red pepper, and tomato. See the idea now that won’t take you too much time but will be the perfect inspiration for you and also for the whole family.

make flower pots and plants with food
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Unfortunately, we are to the end of the post and our TIME runs out! Thanks for spending minutes with us! Share these amazing ideas with people you know and those that are a gourmand and enjoy in nice food catering!