Make Unique Fruit Bouquet Full With Vitamins

I was wondering what to be my topic for today. Recently, we kept on cakes and recipes and now I wanted to cheer you up with something easy to make it and tasty to eat it. I will keep on how to make unique fruit bouquet by using strawberries, pineapple, and apples. Or, any other fruits you have at home. Take your seat and see our ideas that are following hereinafter!

Follow this link to read the last post we shared and was about the number of cakes ideas for any birthday party. But first, check these photos now!

Make a fruit bouquet with strawberry roses

I will start with the fruit that is our favorite and to our children also, with the strawberries. We can make roses from this fruit and all roses to add in one mason jar so this to be our bouquet. I beleive that every person will wish to get gift like this and will eat it for only 5 minutes! Take a look at the photos and learn how it’s done but if you don’t like strawberries, go to the next photo that follows.

strawberry rose
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There you are, you have done a bouquet full of strawberry roses, how creative person you are!

fruit bouquet
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Make dried pineapple flowers

After our strawberry roses, we are back with the second idea and this time with dried pineapple flowers. Make a bouquet for your loved ones, for your children and be a creative person when talking about food.

pineapple flowers
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Make apple roses to fill the bouquet

In the third photo, we can see how to make roses but this time with apples. Mix all these roses in one bouquet and give as a gift to yur dear people. But first, learn how to make it in the photos below.

fruit roses
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make apple roses
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Apple baskets

Fill the apple baskets with grapes and strawberries and make the best fruity bouquet as breakfast for your little ones. This will be the very last photo and idea from the post today. Please be our follower in the future when we will be back with new ideas like this!

apple basket
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Thanks a lot for being our faithful reader and keep doing this in the future to follow our next posts we will be sharing tomorrow! Have a nice rest of the day! Bye!