Panic Buying Due to Corona Virus, Explanation/Reasons

In many countries all over the world, supermarkets are and were full of people in the recent 3 months. In some of the countries, markets were full but now people are staying at home with no permit for going out. The reason for panic buying is a coronavirus, a disease that started in Wuhan, China, continues in many other countries in the world. Now, the epicenter in Europe is in Italy where today died more than 600 people.

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I’ve been writing a lot about this topic but now I have a theme about panic buying. Why happens this and how is it explained by psychologists?

panic buying
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People think that they will buy all they need to survive and suddenly markets are filled with people buying a lot for them. Some of the things are really necessary while the others – for no need. While some people have money to buy half of the market products, there are also types of people that can’t afford to make reserves of food in heir home. When they went into the market, they can’t buy even bread because there was a person before them, that bought even 10 pieces of bread.

Then, the list of panic buying is the same: flour, yeast, toilet paper, masks for protection and glues. People are making reserves for even one month and think if they stay home and don’t go out even for buying food and toilet, they will stay alive. psychologists don’t accept this panic buying and try to explain to people that they should stay home and stay safe in home isolation. BUT, when going into a supermarket, never to buy a large amount of toilet paper, bread, and other stuff, but to buy food only for a few days.


Even though, the psychologists are those that are giving advice for people, most of them didn’t listen to the advice and the situation was the same in many countries in all world. Some of the people were fighting for oil, toilet paper which is funny but at the same time embarrassing or panicking.

Stop it, people, there will be food today, there will be medicines tomorrow, there won’t be closed any stores. While you are buying in panic, you will spend all your money and supermarkets will have to close their markets because they won’t have enough food to sold.