9 of The Most Creative Meals for Kids

Our task as a parent is to teach our children to eat fruits and veggies every day. This might be a hard task for some parents whose children don’t even want to taste this type of food. But, there is some easy way that appeals to everyone’s appetite and this will be the same as your problematic children. Creative meals are kid-friendly recipes used as a smart trick to teach your children that eating healthy food is good for people’s health.

A lot of private schools and kindergarten use this trick to appeal the children to eat. So, don’t wonder next time when your child will tell you that the food in the kindergarten is better. Check out the following ”plates of art” that your kids will love it! Include them in the preparation and keep it busy for a half hour!

kids are cooking
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Creative meals for little ones and most loved ones- kids

Idea 1: Use piece of bread as a head, carrots as a hair and beard, one squash for a hat. Add a circle bananas and gummies. Amazing idea that you will children love it!

Idea 2: Make rain of blackberries and umbrella of apple. Apple a day keep’s the doctor away, so, including the apple in every possible creative cuisine recipe is the smartest trick. Your child can eat an apple every day without having an idea that this in the plate is not an ART!

Idea 3: Combination of bread, apple, carrots biscuits and fruits will boost the energy of your child. Prepare this creative plate for breakfast or dinner.

Idea 4: Use cauliflower, tomatoes and broccoli to make a funny face. For dessert prepare flower full of strawberries and flower full with pudding pie.

Idea 5: In the idea 5 is shown how to prepare nice looking fruits salade. Read how to prepare some other wonderful fruits salade, check this link and find out.

Idea 6: Palm three with veggies, chicken and sand. Interesting idea for creating a real art in one plate. This summerish look makes you feel hungry immediately!

Idea 7: Is time for the three made of apple and pears. An absolutely lovely recipe that every child will love it! Try to do this at home and tell us in a comment if really works.

Idea 8: Rainbow made of fruits! Add one line kiwi, one line orange, strawberries. On both sides add whipped cream to finish the decor. You can add different fruit each day for the rainbow and in this way your child is going to eat healthy food. What do you think about this recipe, can this plate attracts your children to eat it for 2 seconds?

Idea 9: And, finally we are to the end of this article and to the last 9 ideas of creative meals for kids. Is time for going into the sea! Take one blue plate where you can arrange the fishes made of bread. Use raspberry to improvise the small fishes swimming into the plate sea.

creative meals
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